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Pronoun Worksheet for Filling suitable Pronoun in place of Noun

Question - Use suitable pronoun in the place of nouns and rewrite the sentences.

1. the dog is barking, the dog seen a cat.

2. ramesh and I are good friends, ramesh and I went to see a film.

3. I am mohini . mohini read in class 3.

4. mr roy is an angry man . mister roy scolded us for breaking the glass .

5. my family is a small family. the neighbour are good to my family.

6. I read story books everyday. reading the story books help us to improve in english.

Pronoun worksheet for Class 3 (Fill in the blanks)

For  types of pronoun e. g.personal pronoun  and its details are listed at the bottom. This list can help get an idea for filling this worksheet.
Question -Fill in the blanks with suitable pronouns.

a). _________am ready to go.

)_________ is sita's sister .

c). Will you like _________.

d)._________ are children.

e). Where are _________ going.

f). When the dog saw the girl _________  began to bark.

g. _________ love to go to see films.

h. Jack invited many people to the program _________ wanted them to see the program .

I._________  is a pretty girl.

j. Lion is a wild animals _________   likes to hunt.

Personal Pronouns:
1.First Prsonal-The person who is speaking- I, we, us , mine, ours etc.
2. Second Person-The person spoken to-you, yours etc.
3. Third person- The person or things about whom/which is spoken to. - he, she, it, him, here, his, theirs etc.

Proper Noun , Common Noun and Abstract noun worksheet 1

Question: Identify the proper noun or common noun and abstract noun. One has been done for you.
a. Tina is a wise girl.
ANS.: Tina-Proper Noun

Girl- Common Noun

b. Rohana is well known for his history.


c. Mumbai is a big city.


d. lucky has long hair..


e. There is no sweetness in her voice.


f. My sister is a doctor and she lives in Delhi.


g. Mother Teresa is well known for kindness.


I. Mrs. Nilesh teaches us English and history.


j. Sheela comes to school by Rickshaw.


k. The beauty of the nature in mountain is wonderful.


l. The forest of Assam has many rhino.


m. Jack has lot of courage and strength..


n. This house is made of steel.